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California Education Corporation (CEC) as an ISEVPO approved agency works closely with U.S. private schools and commits to international education and academic exchanges between U.S. and China. In order to help Chinese students adapt to the American schools smoothly, our online English Reading and Writing program intend to help them improve their English skills.

We offer a highly competitive salary, career growth opportunities, and a highly professional educated staff to support our team of international educators. You can choose any of your convenient time to teach online. The salary is the basic teaching pay +bonus. The basic pay rate depends on the experience.The better feedback from students and parents, the more bonus and teaching time.


·       Bachelor degree in a related subject matter, Master or above degree is preferred

·       English Proficient Speaker

·       More than 3 years teaching experience, current teachers are preferred

·       Certified credential is preferred

·       Ability to design lesson plans

·       Ability to work within a team

Job Responsibilities:

·       Developing and polishing lesson plans for improving students’ English skills based on the California elementary school curriculum.

·       Delivering the lesson plan through the online classroom.

·       Assess students’ progress and provide individual learning suggestions.

How to apply:

  • Send resume

  • Phone call interview

  • Sign service agreement

  • Complete online training

  • Launch your online teaching career

We offer:

  • Competitive payment based on experience and feedback

  • The comfort of working from home

  • The convenience of controlling your own schedule

  • Competitive salary with a system to reward outstanding teachers

  • A less than 8-students small size class.

Job Opportunities:

We are seeking three passionate elementary school English teachers, to teach English reading and writing to international students.


Summer Xia

Email: cec4hr@gmail.com